How AI is key in reforming renewable energy

Posted by Lee McFarland on Jul 22, 2019 5:03:42 PM

With climate change threats looming closer every day, renewable energy is fast becoming one of the favoured methods to help combat the planet’s huge carbon footprint. Luckily, artificial intelligence is developing in more ways than anyone could have imagined fifty years ago. Here are just a few of the ways that AI can help us to reform how we create and use renewable energy.

1. Weather forecasts 

It’s something most of us use every day, yet barely bat an eyelid at. But AI can now formulate and analyse more complex weather forecast systems, which is crucial in helping us combat the weather’s unpredictability. After all, such inconsistency in the weather impacts how much renewable energy we can harvest, so knowing when such problems will arise before they do is essential. 

2. Energy efficiency 

Many AI models can now utilise several sources of data to calculate the most efficient progression. Aqovia’s A1 Autonomic Platform is one such tool, as it uses data to self-diagnose, configure, optimise and heal. This is particularly useful regarding renewable energy, as it means we can see whether a method of harvesting energy is outputting the same number of resources that are being input. 

3. Designing new energy systems 

What may take months or even years for people to do, AI can do in mere minutes. Through the simple inputting of data, AI can calculate the optimal positions and locations for renewable energy farms, such as solar or wind. Of course, AI doesn’t just do this in regards to renewable energy – it can help design almost anything you need it to. 

That’s certainly the case with Aqovia's A1 Autonomic Platform. Through enabling lower costs and higher margins against your market competitors, Aqovia’s AI provides top-quality holistic customer service. Not only this, but the Platform can be used to analyse a multitude of scenarios, as well as the ability to integrate development tools with each other to make all your business analyses faster and conveniently grouped. 

AI may still be a buzzword to many technophobes, but here at Aqovia, it’s the opposite. If you’re interested in learning more about how AI can reform your business, contact us here: CONTACT

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