Why machine learning is helping to transform the energy sector

Posted by Lee McFarland on Aug 14, 2019 11:53:25 AM

The energy industry is going through a major period of transition. Countries around the world are being forced to move away from traditional fuel sources such as coal, oil and gas, and are instead focused on the continual development of the renewables sector.

However, when it comes to making the most of this relatively new form of energy generation, it is essential to embrace equipment, technologies and processes that can increase efficiency levels across the board. To that end, machine learning is crucial.

The issues with renewables

The key problems associated with the main sources of renewables - namely solar and wind - is that is it very difficult to know exactly how much electricity will be produced on a daily basis. This means that should there be a particularly cloudy or wind-free day, it is often the case that traditional energy sources will be required to minimise the shortfall.

Similarly, should a 24-hour spell be especially sunny or windy, it is likely that it will be possible to generate more power than is actually required. Should this occur, energy companies may miss out on an opportunity to save and store energy that could have been used at a later date.

These are issues that can be tackled, to some extent, via the accurate and effective utilisation of machine learning. 

What does machine learning do?

Machine learning gathers data from any number of relevant sources to help companies predict future trends and outcomes. By understanding past performance, energy companies will be best placed to plan for any shortfalls and will be able to accurately predict future renewables performance.

Machine learning can also be incredibly useful when it comes to predicting when equipment should be updated, modified or repaired. By understanding past performance companies will be able to know when there will be downtime, and will then be able to make the relevant equipment alterations at the most appropriate time. 

The future

Machine learning is going to play a key role in the continued development of renewable energy. For companies to match consumer demand they will have to think more intelligently and minimise any form of wastage. Machine learning can help achieve these goals. Why not contact Aqovia today to see how we can help your organisation with its Machine Learning and AI initiatives. 

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